To File Your Feet When Wet or Dry, That is the Question!

Typically, we go to the nail salon and the first thing they do is immerse our feet in water and have us sit there until our feet are soft and wrinkly. There may be benefit to doing this for removing dirt and oil from your feet, but when it comes to filing them, this is not advised. 

When your dead skin cells are wet, they become sticky and adhere to you intact skin. Since they become sticky, it is much harder to remove the dead skin cells, meaning you will have to file harder. This can cause a lot of damage to your intact skin because as you're filing away, you don't really know where to end. You can potentially file your good skin as well, leaving you with more damage than what you started with. It can cause your intact skin to break and crack, which kind of defeats the purpose of filing in the first place. When your skin is wet, it's also very hard to differentiate the dry skin from the intact skin. So, to be able to clearly see which areas need to be exfoliated, we advise filing your feet when they are dry. 

At Serum Doctor, we have designed the Flawless Foot File to gently but effectively exfoliate dry heels and calluses so that the Flawless Feet Serum can penetrate even deeper into the skin and start healing from within. This combo is better than getting a pedicure at the nail salon (in our humble opinion). Get yours today under the "Shop" tap at