What is Malic Acid?

Malic acid is a gentle yet effective exfoliant derived from apples and pears. It has a multitude of skin benefits such as increasing hydration, improving skin tone and texture, and even lessening fine lines and wrinkles

Malic Acid works by breaking down dead skin cells and clearing them from the surface so that new skin cells can form. This creates a smoother, more radiant and youthful appearance to the skin. 

Malic acid is also a humectant, meaning it can attract moisture from the air and trap it in the skin. It helps hydrate the skin and make it more supple and plump so that it doesn't crack or wrinkle as easily.  

Malic acid also helps restore the PH in your skin, increases the skin cell turnover rate and boosts collagen production!

All these benefits from one ingredient is what prompted us to use it in our Flawless Feet Serum. We wanted to use something safe, yet extremely effective and Malic Acid fit that description perfectly.