Why Do Our Heels Crack?

   Rough looking feet can be a sign of a life well lived, an active life, and a life of movement and adventure. However, dry, cracked feet can also be due to other factors as well such as aging, cold weather, poor blood circulation, and even weight gain. 

   As we get older, our skin slowly loses its ability to retain moisture and tends to get dry much faster. That is why you may not have had a problem with cracked heels when you were younger, but are starting to notice them now as you get older. Our skin also loses its elasticity as we age. Skin elasticity is the skin's ability to stretch and bounce back into place. So, when you stand on your feet for a long time, the pressure from your body weight can stretch out the skin around your heels and cause it to crack more easily. 

   Environmental factors such as cold weather can also cause cracked heels. Cold weather and low humidity tends to draw out moisture from your skin, leaving your skin dry and flaky. The less moisture our skin has the more susceptible it is to cracking. 

   Proper blood circulation is very important for healthy skin. It helps new skin cells form to replace dead skin cells that contribute to dry skin. Blood delivers oxygen to our cells to keep them healthy and functioning properly. So, if our blood circulation is low, we tend to have dryer skin, especially in the body's extremities like the heels. 

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